Pond built by Monomoy Services, Inc., farm excavation services, Fauquier County Virginia

Pond built by Monomoy Services

I have been highly pleased with the patience, care and competence (in tight circumstances) with which George, Jason, Duane and all hands have approached this work.

— Marvin W.
Thank you very much for your diligence; I see now why your clients give you such high praise. I am very happy that we chose you over the other firms that were bidding on this job.

— Sean S.

Monomoy Services equipment - laser grading

Laser Grading

The work Monomoy Services did was excellent – professional, timely, tidy, and well communicated. Monomoy will be the first place I’ll call if I need ag support.

— Janet D.

Thank you all for a job beautifully done – as always.

— Patricia V.

Entrance Road and Water Feature by Monomoy, Inc.

Entrance Road and Water Feature


It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you for completing the job on time even when an additional area was added at the last minute.

— Kathleen M.

Pond by Monomoy Services, Inc., Marshall, Virginia

Pond by Monomoy Services, Inc.

A beautiful pond is the heart of a farm. A beautiful pond must have a distinctive form that reveals itself slowly after careful inspection. It must have soft curves edging this way and that, clear reflections from a weeping willow or two and perhaps the clean image of a high bank mirrored on its surface — like that one, just over there.
In the evening and the early morning, when the air is still, a pond should be mysterious, with wisps of mist silently sliding across it, concealing the long, curling grasses that grow close to the water’s edge.

And a beautiful pond must have a small boathouse at one end that absolutely demands to be entered and inspected.

We are lucky indeed. We have a pond quite like this. The reason we have it, we are joyful to say, lies in our good fortune in finding John Pennington and asking him to put his genius to work once again.

— Rowland Evans, Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Author, and Host of CNN’s interview program Evans, Novak, Hunt & Shields