John Pennington, President, Monomoy Services, Inc.

John Pennington, President
Monomoy Services, Inc.

Monomoy Services, Inc. has provided superior quality excavation services to landowners in and around the Virginia Piedmont area (Fauquier, Loudoun, and Rappahannock Counties) since 1988.

There are almost no barriers to entry in the competitive business of excavation. There are no minimum education requirements, technical training standards, or experience required to hang out one’s shingle, put a sign on a pickup truck, and declare oneself ready to begin changing residential landscapes for better or for worse. Most folks, therefore, will ask around before they choose an earth moving company. Therefore, many of our clients find us through a referral.

This website is an opportunity to show and express some things of which I am personally proud. I have been fortunate to have lived and worked in one of the most beautiful areas anywhere to be found. I am proud that some of the brightest and most successful people in the world have chosen my company to work on their real estate.  

Among our clients are some of the most talented and well-known builders, architects and landscape architects in the area. Our work has appeared on the cover of Architectural Digest and other home and garden publications.

With all of our capabilities and achievements, I am most proud that we have maintained an efficiency in our operations to allow us to keep our rates in line with others. Monomoy has a hard-earned reputation for providing quality and value to our clients.

If you found us through a personal referral, we would appreciate it if you would provide the name of the person who referred you in the contact form on this page. We value our word of mouth business, and like to recognize our valued customers who refer business to us.